Any restaurant can claim to be the best.  But to be truly the best, you have to listen to what your customers say.

The delicious taste of our authentic Greek food plus the great smell of real fresh meat and spices tickles the senses and satisfies the stomach.

Our customers love us.  Give us a try!

4 star ratingNice place food was good. Great service and a very friendly environment. Also the first time having the baklava dessert was really good

Elliot O. Avatar
Elliot O.

5 star ratingLoveeeee this place! They are prompt and have online ordering. Super fast. And, the food, is just sooooo good. So good!

Matthew C. Avatar
Matthew C.

5 star ratingThis restaurant is doing something right! I have ordered the lamb burger with feta. The meat patty was beautiful and cooked to a perfect medium temperature. It puts Bareburger's lamb burger to utter shame. The second time I ordered from here I got a beef-lamb gyro pita. So delicious and not sloppy and runny like other gyro places. I will keep ordering from here!

Bree J. Avatar
Bree J.

Amazing pork gyro! Huge, packed, fresh and delicious. I’ve only had salads from here but the gyro is the way to go. Fantastic!

Becca R. Avatar
Becca R.

Generous portions, and fast service make this Greek phenomenon a must try

James D. Avatar
James D.

5 star ratingBest Gyros in Westchester Best gyros around! Great for take out or eating in. Friendly staff. Fantastic food is what really sold me. You can see them roasting their meats right behind the order counter, and everything tastes fresh and delicious. Interesting idea of putting french fries inside their gyro sandwiches is a unique--and awesome--specialty.

dr2222 Avatar

4 star ratingWent last night with wife we had beef and lamb gyros they were delicious the ingredients  were fresh and complemented each other.The honey and nut yogurt was tasty. The staff was very friendly and the take out service was fast. I suggest you try the place for yourself.

Roy F. Avatar
Roy F.

4 star ratingExcellent food. Best chicken around, gyros pretty good too (ask for it off the gyro, not from the plate they use, less greasy). Lemon potatoes were the best I have had.  Dips are all fresh as well. VERY quick delivery, especially, for Westchester.

Mark R. Avatar
Mark R.

5 star ratingWow!!!! This place is amazing!! I can't say enough great things about this place!  I had the Falafel and it was, hands down, the BEST I have ever tasted.  So crispy on the outside, flavorful and FRESH.  You can tell they make everything daily and fresh.  I also had the hummus and pita and it was PHENOMENAL!  I will recommend this place to my coworkers, friends, family and anyone in between!  These sandwiches are packed full with pure deliciousness!!  Be ready to feel completely satisfied 🙂  You must try!

Rosanne L. Avatar
Rosanne L.

5 star ratingThis place is amazing - great food, great service, best delivery, so prompt and professional - our office consensus is: "this could be the best gyro place in westchester"

Every time Jackie orders may it be online or over the phone she says it's the easiest place to order from. We order from them almost weekly. If you are looking for a great quick place to eat with superb service go here.

Staci R. Avatar
Staci R.

4 star ratingExcellent delivery experience. Food arrived on time and was delicious. Both the Beef and Lamb and Chicken Gyros were excellent, with fresh soft pitas and generous amounts of meat. The fresh cut french fries were a nice touch as well though I'm sure they are much better when eaten fresh as opposed to delivery. The Tirokafteri was also delicious, one of the best I have had. I've been underwhelmed with the gyro places in white plains up until now so I'm very happy to have found this gem.

Brian D. Avatar
Brian D.

5 star ratingYup!  They WoWWed me on the first date!  Upon ordering my basic gyro (without onions) I opened up a mouthful of euphoria!  The lemon potatoes were  spot on!  Lemony, garlicky and flavorful!  Going back tomorrow to try the Avgolemono soup!  They guys there are friendly, funny, and very attentive.  all the makings for a very successful run on Hartsdale 4 corners.....

Stephen M. Avatar
Stephen M.