Any restaurant can claim to be the best.  But to be truly the best, you have to listen to what your customers say.

The delicious taste of our authentic Greek food plus the great smell of real fresh meat and spices tickles the senses and satisfies the stomach.

Our customers love us.  Give us a try!

This is the best Gyro place in Westchester. I always order from there and the delivery is consistent and smells amazing. My favorite is the Gyro sandwich, much cheaper than Niko's and tastes better. Love everything about this place

Fred D. Avatar
Fred D.

4 star ratingDelicious Greek Staples

We discovered this restaurant when they participated in a Taste of Westchester event at Sacred Heart School. They made mini gyros that were delicious. We order from there often for lunch and are never disappointed -- the Gyros are great (like the french fries, but not necessary) -- it is such a satisfying sandwich. The souvlaki is also great. Good recommendation.

Sara T. Avatar
Sara T.

4 star ratingGreat little place! Gyros are great and the place is clean and service is super! Also had the dips which we enjoyed.
Will definitely return!

Alex P. Avatar
Alex P.

5 star ratingYup!  They WoWWed me on the first date!  Upon ordering my basic gyro (without onions) I opened up a mouthful of euphoria!  The lemon potatoes were  spot on!  Lemony, garlicky and flavorful!  Going back tomorrow to try the Avgolemono soup!  They guys there are friendly, funny, and very attentive.  all the makings for a very successful run on Hartsdale 4 corners.....

Stephen M. Avatar
Stephen M.

5 star ratingJust sat down for dinner and one wouldnt expect delicious gyros in Westchester. Definitely recommend this place

Henry Y. Avatar
Henry Y.

5 star ratingThis place is on point. Delicious food, friendly staff, large portions. Parking is a pain but it's worth the hassle.

B R. Avatar
B R.

4 star ratingI love this place!!! I usually have it delivered.
The chicken souvlaki is the tenderest! I love their falafals too. The oil they fry it may be different cause it looked different lately but still taste good. The burgers are also delicious.
Give it a try!

Tamara R. Avatar
Tamara R.

The food is delicious and the service is outstanding! I came in to order takeout but when I got home I noticed part of my order wasn't right. They came out to my apartment to bring me the correct order and included a dessert. Will definitely be going back!

Google U. Avatar
Google U.

5 star ratingStopped in for Avgolemono soup, but won't start serving it till next week, because it's been too warm out.  (Can't say I blame them; it's 81 degrees on 10/6.) I got tzatziki which is absolutely delicious; it's thick and garlicky!  The staff were friendly and helpful!

Fran C. Avatar
Fran C.

5 star ratingFine Mediterrainian Dining To Go... Or Stay I come into the area every 12 weeks or so, and was delighted to discover Gyro Kitchen. I had a Greek Salad along with a Chicken Souvlaki and they were fantastic. Fresh salad and the chicken was cooked to perfection. I'd met the owner who was hospitable and helpful and he served us our food. I felt like I was eating a great meal with friends. And i'm very happy to know that I can have this level of food to go. I will definitely be back.

Jeff P. Avatar
Jeff P.

5 star ratingThe good was amazing!! The gyros were full of meat and tasted to fresh! The owners were amazing as well. They were out of pork gyro and had given grilled chunks because the couldn't get a hold of me. I told him u wouldn't like it but that I would take it and they changed it to lamb gyro that I loved! So understanding and amazing!

Balbina N. Avatar
Balbina N.

4 star ratingJust tried this spot out for the first time and it was excellent. The food was 100% authentic Greek flavors. The Gyro on pita sandwich was a nice size that was totally fulfilling. The Greek fries with feta cheese where totally delicious. This will easily become one of our favorite spots in our area.

Manny B. Avatar
Manny B.