Any restaurant can claim to be the best.  But to be truly the best, you have to listen to what your customers say.

The delicious taste of our authentic Greek food plus the great smell of real fresh meat and spices tickles the senses and satisfies the stomach.

Our customers love us.  Give us a try!

4 star ratingNice place food was good. Great service and a very friendly environment. Also the first time having the baklava dessert was really good
Elliot O. Avatar
Elliot O.
Amazing place. Delicious food, generous portions, decently priced, and super friendly service. 100% recommended!!!
Paulina Leyva Avatar
Paulina L.
Love the souvlaki! Excellent customer service, kind staff.
naome mathieu Avatar
naome m.
5 star ratingGreat food, good prices and serving portions are generous. We've been eating here 2-3x a week since we discovered it months ago and I never get tired of the food. Owner is very nice and accommodating and the place is spotless.
Jennifer G. Avatar
Jennifer G.
Great Lamb and beef gyros. Fast service too
Jeffrey Dallal Avatar
Jeffrey D.
Just had for takeout! Really delicious food and very nice owner. The gyro was the best I've ever had.
Chrissy W Avatar
Chrissy W.
The best I ever tried. Def. check this spot out everything tastes fresh will come back just parking is hard to find
Renik D Avatar
Renik D.
5 star ratingordered a gyro and fired with a soda! it came out to $17 and it was really good!! thank you!! also there sauce is very good!
Lauren T. Avatar
Lauren T.
4 star ratingWell it was great food great service to an extent I actually wish they were less McDonald's more restaurant... You'll see when you try it out. They have something good here it just needs to be redefined for the customer experience. It was very cost conscious and I'm definitely going back.
Lionel T. Avatar
Lionel T.
5 star ratingThis place is on point. Delicious food, friendly staff, large portions. Parking is a pain but it's worth the hassle.
B R. Avatar
B R.
4 star ratingPerhaps put signs at the door for the customer to wear mask :):)
Annabelle C. Avatar
Annabelle C.
5 star ratingReally tasty Gyros and quick delivery
Andrea I. Avatar
Andrea I.