Any restaurant can claim to be the best.  But to be truly the best, you have to listen to what your customers say.

The delicious taste of our authentic Greek food plus the great smell of real fresh meat and spices tickles the senses and satisfies the stomach.

Our customers love us.  Give us a try!

5 star ratingYup! They WoWWed me on the first date! Upon ordering my basic gyro (without onions) I opened up a mouthful of euphoria! The lemon potatoes were spot on! Lemony, garlicky and flavorful! Going back tomorrow to try the Avgolemono soup! They guys there are friendly, funny, and very attentive. all the makings for a very successful run on Hartsdale 4 corners.....

Stephen M. Avatar
Stephen M.

5 star ratingThis place is amazing - great food, great service, best delivery, so prompt and professional - our office consensus is: "this could be the best gyro place in westchester"
Every time Jackie orders may it be online or over the phone she says it's the easiest place to order from. We order from them almost weekly. If you are looking for a great quick place to eat with superb service go here.

Staci R. Avatar
Staci R.

5 star ratingLoveeeee this place! They are prompt and have online ordering. Super fast. And, the food, is just sooooo good. So good!

Matthew C. Avatar
Matthew C.

The food is delicious and the service is outstanding! I came in to order takeout but when I got home I noticed part of my order wasn't right. They came out to my apartment to bring me the correct order and included a dessert. Will definitely be going back!

Google U. Avatar
Google U.

4 star ratingThe veggie souvlaki is amazing. Tastes like any other souvlaki and perfect for a summer night. Their tzaziki is flavorful and homemade.

The falafel patties in the sandwich were a bit different. They were patted down and not crispy like an actual falafel ball. However, it still had a good quality. I would recommend the veggie souvlaki over the falafel for something refreshing.

This review is solely for the two vegetarian sandwich options.

Nandi S. Avatar
Nandi S.

5 star ratingI had my very first gyro today at Gyro Gyro. The staff was extremely friendly and the food was excellent ! I just moved to the neighborhood and know this will became a part of my regular diet.

Danica R. Avatar
Danica R.

5 star ratingThe new falafel is amazing. I've been here before and tried the falafel and it was OK, I told the owner and he changed the recipe and it's fantastic. Loved the gyro and Greek salad too. This is a keeper.

Maria D. Avatar
Maria D.

5 star ratingI've ordered from here twice. Delivery was prompt. Food was amazing. I've had the beef and lamb gyro, the Greek salad and the chicken platter. Delicious. I would offer this suggestion to use smaller pieces of Feta in the Greek salad. I will definitely order again.

Lori F. Avatar
Lori F.

Amazing place. Delicious food, generous portions, decently priced, and super friendly service. 100% recommended!!!

Paulina L. Avatar
Paulina L.

5 star ratingGreat food, good prices and serving portions are generous. We've been eating here 2-3x a week since we discovered it months ago and I never get tired of the food. Owner is very nice and accommodating and the place is spotless.

Jennifer G. Avatar
Jennifer G.

Best gyro spot in Westchester hands down. Recently came from a trip in Greece (Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Crete) and this is the only place around the area that has the real deal! Other Greek spots around don’t have the pork option or even put the fries in the gyro (EVERY gyro spot in Greece did this). If you want the real deal come here! Super nice staff too!


5 star ratingWe've been looking for a good Greek spot and found it! The food is very tasty, friendly staff and fair prices. My wife loved the dips and gyro,the kids ate up the spanakopita and I really enjoyed my pork souvlaki, we also loved the baklava. Best of all they have no issue delivering to us in White Plains.

Giancarlo V. Avatar
Giancarlo V.