Any restaurant can claim to be the best.  But to be truly the best, you have to listen to what your customers say.

The delicious taste of our authentic Greek food plus the great smell of real fresh meat and spices tickles the senses and satisfies the stomach.

Our customers love us.  Give us a try!

5 star ratingYup! They WoWWed me on the first date! Upon ordering my basic gyro (without onions) I opened up a mouthful of euphoria! The lemon potatoes were spot on! Lemony, garlicky and flavorful! Going back tomorrow to try the Avgolemono soup! They guys there are friendly, funny, and very attentive. all the makings for a very successful run on Hartsdale 4 corners.....

Stephen M. Avatar
Stephen M.

I ordered from Gyro Gyro a few days ago, for my entire office. First, I have to say that Alexia was incredibly sweet and helpful on the phone. The food arrived on time, and the driver was super nice. We ordered a mix of platters and sandwiches- falafel, lamb/beef, chicken souvlaki, and chicken gyro. Everyone loved their food! Also, for the first time , every single person participated in ordering lunch because they were so excited for this Greek food. They are already asking me when we can order again this week!! I highly recommend!!

Jacqueline D. Avatar
Jacqueline D.

4 star ratingJust ordered delivery on seamless! It was really good! At first i thought it was a small portion but in stuffed! I got the leaf/beef gyro. It wa full of meat and fries. And i got the falafel appetizer and they were very good. Probably would be more crispy if they came straight out of the fryer but the delivery probably steamed/softened them.. still good. Would def order again!

Alexis O. Avatar
Alexis O.

A seminarian tradition now. A place where we can get great food and great people who work there! Thank you for making us feel like we are at home!

Royce M. Avatar
Royce M.

5 star ratingI've ordered from here twice. Delivery was prompt. Food was amazing. I've had the beef and lamb gyro, the Greek salad and the chicken platter. Delicious. I would offer this suggestion to use smaller pieces of Feta in the Greek salad. I will definitely order again.

Lori F. Avatar
Lori F.

4 star ratingWorth it It sure took a long time for them to open but it appears to be worth the wait. Those of us in Hartsdale now have a local Greek takeout/delivery option. We ordered three different meals and they were all delicious. The potions were healthy and the price was reasonable for this area. Welcome to the neighborhood Gyro Kitchen.

Bryan R. Avatar
Bryan R.

5 star ratingThis restaurant is doing something right! I have ordered the lamb burger with feta. The meat patty was beautiful and cooked to a perfect medium temperature. It puts Bareburger's lamb burger to utter shame. The second time I ordered from here I got a beef-lamb gyro pita. So delicious and not sloppy and runny like other gyro places. I will keep ordering from here!

Bree J. Avatar
Bree J.

4 star ratingDecent Greek compared to the others that have come and gone at the 4 corners. I really like their skepasti, taramasalata (smooth, flavorful). Chicken souvlaki and fried are good, top. Love they pack everything well, and organized. Make everything so much more appealing. I hope they stick around and keep their quality up.

Elizabeth G. Avatar
Elizabeth G.

It was a nice, clean friendly ambiance. There's a new twist on how to make a gyro with fries actually in the pita bread. All in all pretty good but not the best gyro I've ever eaten by along shot.

Darryl C. Avatar
Darryl C.

5 star ratingSo delicious. The gyros are amazing and the chefs are always smiling. I have tried the chicken gyro and the gyro gyro fries and they were both a hit. The portions fit the price.

Meghan H. Avatar
Meghan H.

5 star ratingThis place is on point. Delicious food, friendly staff, large portions. Parking is a pain but it's worth the hassle.

B R. Avatar
B R.

5 star ratingGreat food, good prices and serving portions are generous. We've been eating here 2-3x a week since we discovered it months ago and I never get tired of the food. Owner is very nice and accommodating and the place is spotless.

Jennifer G. Avatar
Jennifer G.